Role: Technical Game Designer
Tools: Unity; C#; Git
Company: Zynga, Inc.

CastleVille Legends is a narrative-centric simulation game for mobile devices and Facebook. Players build and grow a prosperous kingdom in a lighthearted fantasy setting. Players engage in quests and crafting loops while discovering interesting characters, their social dynamics, and discovering the mystery of "The Gloom".

This game served as a spiritual successor to Zynga's first CastleVille title on Facebook. CastleVille Legends was focused on a mobile-centric design, featuring tighter core loops, shorter timers, and multi-tiered crafting levels.

I was responsible for designing, prototyping, and implementing an entire UX overhaul in our port from mobile to Facebook, which lead to an increase in player engagement. I was also able to leverage my knowledge with Unity3D and C# to implement these front-end UI improvements.

I collaborated with the product team and assisted in stats analysis. These stats helped inform design direction. I was able to design new features for content releases, such as the "Magic Seed" social feature, which increased player-to-player interactions.

This game is available on iOS, Android, Kindle, and Facebook.