Cody Hard is an award-winning game designer who is incredibly passionate about designing meaningful, memorable, and worthwhile experiences. He strives to create games in the same way that he plays them: coming up with intriguing ways to solve and overcome problems, and then learning from the outcomes of his ideas.

Currently, Cody is leading a team of artists, engineers, and community on HonorBound, a free-to-play mobile RPG by JuiceBox Games. In addition to maintaining content cadence, managing live operations, and analyzing number projections, he designs new features through iterative level and system design. Additionally, he is currently designing new features for JuiceBox's other game titles, including StormBorn: War of Legends.

Cody was the sole Designer on the Facebook version of Zynga's CastleVille Legends, where he designed new features, redesigned the game's primary interactions and UX, and increased revenue by spec'ing, designing, and implementing optimized pay-through flows. He also worked on multiple unreleased new IP projects at Zynga, and took responsibility for remodeling core systems in those games.

Cody attended the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA. He graduated in 2013 after working on multiple small- and large-scale digital and board game projects. His roles on these projects include lead designer, producer, and software engineer. For two years, he was the president of the SCAD Game Club, an interdisciplinary student-organized club that served as a meeting point for students who were in programs related to games (such as Animation, Visual Effects, and Concept Art) and official game design students looking for teammates in those various fields. In developing and shipping Marshmallow Mayhem, his team won the "Best 2D Digital Game" award at the Game Developers eXchange in 2012. He was also featured in SCAN Magazine's "Student Showcase" in the Winter 2013 edition.

For more information on Cody Hard, please visit his portfolio, résumé, and blog.