Role: Product Manager; Technical Game Designer
Tools: Unity; C#; JSON; Perforce; Tiled
Company: Juicebox Games, Inc.

HonorBound is a collectible card game with role-playing game elements for mobile devices and Facebook. Players are able to find and meet new heroes, capture and collect them, and command their powers as they discover the ancient secrets of the heroes known as The HonorBound.

I have been working on this game since starting at JuiceBox in 2014. I manage a team of artists, engineers, and customer service representatives in maintaining our content cadence. I am responsible for leading the team to exceed our projected key performance indicators since taking over product management in July 2015.

My current day-to-day involves analyzing and projecting key performance indicators, monitoring game health, releasing events and limited time offers, and managing builds and content releases. I also share my learnings and report stats to the other product leads, in order to ensure the success of our other live titles, as well as future ones.

In addition to creating and maintaining a roadmap for designing and balancing heroes for content releases, I have created numerous new isometric levels for new missions, as well as tailoring and balancing combat, narrative, and managing art asks for each event.

This game is available on iOS, Android, Kindle, and Facebook.