Role: Game Designer
Tools: Unity; C#; Perforce
Company: Juicebox Games, Inc.

StormBorn is a role-playing game for mobile devices. Players are able to build and fortify their base, collect and upgrade new heroes, build offensive and defensive squads, and use their squads in combat in story campaign missions as well as in direct player-vs-player matches.

While StormBorn was being developed, I offered critical feedback as the only designer at Juicebox that was not actively working on the game at that time. As a fresh set of eyes, I offered large amounts of feedback and helped shape the game leading up to its launch.

I have been actively supporting StormBorn since soft-launch, working on system design for multiple new features. I collected both player and executive feedback and was able to rebalance and fine tune existing systems to improve the already live systems. Additionally, I am responsible for rebalancing the initial tuning on our Black Market and Ally Rental systems, as well as owning system design for our Campaign Event feature.

In addition, I contribute to new features on a regular basis, which includes constructing specs and wireframes, presenting ideas to other designers and product leads, and working on the related design tasks leading up to launch and supporting the feature once live.

This game is available on iOS and Android.