Role: Engineer; Technical Designer
Tools: Unity; UnityScript; XCode

Marshmallow Mayhem is a humorous 2D puzzle platformer for mobile devices. Playing as Puffy the Marshmallow, the player manages temperature through food storage containers and environmental ambient temperature. The temperature of Puffy effects which abilities can be used, such as jumping higher and "sticky jumping" when hot, or becoming hard and breaking through objects when cold.

Marshmallow Mayhem was in development as part of SCAD ITGM's Senior Studio course, as a collaboration between the Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Berklee College of Music. This project was the winner of the "Best 2D Digital Game" at the Game Developers eXchange 2012's Entelechy competition.

In addition to contributions to level and system design, I am responsible for all of the UX, environment, and core gameplay programming. We challenged ourselves with finding a unique solution for the "virtual joystick" debate. As a result, I presented the idea for our "Touch" control scheme: tap the right to move right, tap the left to move left, and while moving, tap the opposite side to jump (for example, while holding the right side, tap the left to jump up and to the right). In all our playtests, players found this to be both more intuitive and easier to control than virtual joysticks.

Marshmallow Mayhem is currently available for free on the iOS App Store, featuring two different environments: six "Pantry" levels and seven "Freezer" levels. Thanks to Unity, this game is completely multi-platform and supports both iOS and Android devices. For updates, more videos, and more gameplay screenshots, follow the project on Facebook!