Role: Game Designer; System Designer
Tools: Excel; Adobe Suite

Ruotare is a board game for four players, broken up into two separate teams. The goal of the game is dependent on which team the player is on: the cool colored (green/purple) avatars are trying to reach each other, while the warm colored (red/orange) avatars are trying to reach one of the opposing team's pieces.

The game features a perfect open information system, where no information is hidden from any players. Team members sit diagonally from each other, so even conversations between team members are overheard by the opposing side. This leads to fascinating emergent gameplay on how to handle strategic discussions.

Teams are given a certain number of actions where they can move their player piece or rotate any piece on the board, as well as placing a wall anywhere on the board, which cannot be traversed by the opposing team. The cool team has a shared action pool, so players need to communicate and negotiate how to use the allotted actions per turn.

This game was created with 3 other people in 10 weeks, as part of SCAD's "Fundamentals of Game Design" course. I was responsible for game design, in addition to managing notes from each playtesting session, and a changelist of each iteration. Additionally, I was responsible for constructing the final product, which entailed designing and creating the wood board pieces.